Compliance to home exercise program (HEP) among subjects under physiotherapy care: Report of a qualitative study

Meshanti Kumarasamy, Narasimman Swaminathan, Marek Kiljański, Zbigniew Śliwiński

M.Kumarasamy, N. Swaminathan, M. Kiljański, Z. Śliwiński – Compliance to home exercise program (HEP) among subjects under physiotherapy care: Report of a qualitative study. Fizjoterapia Polska 2019; 19(1); 70-74

This study examined the extent of compliance towards HEP among subjects undergoing physiotherapy sessions in selected clinical settings. The findings of this study would provide insights on the perceived enablers and barriers that influence compliance towards prescribed home exercises.
Methodology. This qualitative inquiry study interviewed twenty subjects – 12 males and 8 females under physiotherapy care at various outpatient musculoskeletal rehabilitation at selected private hospitals and physiotherapy clinics located in the states of Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan of Malaysia. Subjects’ responses on the perceived opinions and experiences with prescribed home exercises were audio recorded through a semi-structured interview. The responses obtained were analysed further using keyword coding and content analysis.
Results and Analysis. Self-motivation, determination and commitments are the best-explored enablers for active involvement. Barriers that significantly lead to disengagement in home exercises among the participants of this study includes lack of time, work commitments, personal characteristics, disease nature or injury status and ineffective exercise prescriptions.
Conclusion. Content analysis of the recorded responses revealed that the predictors of compliance to home exercises is multifactorial. This study provides a baseline data for understanding the perceived enablers and barriers towards participation in home exercises; these findings will aid the health care professionals in implementing the measures to maximize compliance level among patients undergoing physiotherapy.
• Compliance to home exercises are affected by various factors
• Lack of time, work commitments and injury status affect the home exercise compliance
• Self-motivation is the most important enabler for the compliance to HEP
• Nature of the disease affects compliance to HEP

Key words:
home exercise program, physiotherapy, musculoskeletal rehabilitation

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