Application of the physiotherapy Kinesiology Taping method in treatment of pain of the cervical spine in young dentists

Łukasz Kopacz, Danuta Lietz-Kijak, Artur Perz, Elżbieta Kubala, Paulina Strzelecka, Edward Kijak, Zbigniew Śliwiński, Marek Kiljański

Ł. Kopacz, D. Lietz-Kijak, A. Perz, El. Kubala, P. Strzelecka, E. Kijak, Z. Śliwiński, M. Kiljański: Application of the physiotherapy Kinesiology Taping method in treatment of pain of the cervical spine in young dentists. Fizjoterapia Polska 2015;15(3);36-44


Introduction. Dentists, due to the conditions of their work, are exposed to many loads both physical and psychological. Considering the ergonomics of work, health status of this professional group should be considered primarily in terms of diseases of the spine, especially the cervical. This applies to all items in the work, both independently, as well as in team techniques, where apart from monotypy and monotony, there is always forced posture, and large static load, that contributing to a lot of degenerative arthritis changes of the cervical spine disorders, which are the result of the above-mentioned degenerations. Material and method. The study were conducted in the Department of Propedeutics and Dental Physicodiagnostics of the Pomeranian Medical University. The study group consisted of 36 fifth-year students of dentistry at the Faculty of Medical-Dentistry, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin with chronic pain of the cervical spine. Group of examined persons was subjected to the treatment with Kinesiology Taping method,  in which were used muscular and ligaments technique , accordance with the methodology. In the study has been used diagnostic survey method – a questionnaire. To assess the degree of feeling pain by the subjects were used a visual analogue scale VAS in the horizontal format in the range of 0-10.
Results. Considering the range of motion of the cervical spine flexion, the Kinesiology Taping method has improved in this movement, and extension range in the cervical spine improved more than the range of flexion. Taking the scope of the movement of the bend into the side, as well as the turn of the cervical spine in the test group were significantly improved, both in motion toward the right as and left. Examined in terms of assessing the level of the declared values of pain on VAS observed a significant reduction of this disease. Conclusion. Kinesiology Taping application also favorably influenced the range of motion of the cervical spine, while improving comfort work. Kinesiology Taping method applied among young dentists had a positive effect on the declared value of pain on the VAS, which transfers into a reduction. Considering the sex of patients, in the group of women has significantly improved the range of extension, while in men the range of flexion.

Key words:
Kinesiology Taping, pain, spine

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