Comparison between the effectiveness of therapy using a high-frequency electromagnetic field and the therapy using ultrasound waves in the degenerative and overload diseases of the locomotor system

The objective of this study is to assess the effectiveness of treating degenerative diseases of the locomotor system using a high-frequency electromagnetic field in comparison with ultrasound treatment.

Evaluation of the effects of dynamic taping in changing the selected motor characteristics in hypermobile dancers

Dynamic taping is enjoying ever-growing popularity as an effective aid for treating injuries both in professional and non-professional dancers. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the application of dynamic taping in improving the selected motor characteristics in hypermobile dancers.

Magnetostimulation in the treatment of chronic wound after removal of muscle peroneus longus as a traffic accident consequence – case report

Undoubtedly, the ever frequent use of physical medicine methods in many fields of medicine is a fact. A wide spectrum of procedures enables instituting suitable treatment, reducing treatment time, as well as social and economic costs of treatment. The above applies to pathological states and injuries of the locomotor system, soft tissues, as well as chronic wounds.

Evaluation of effects of kinesiotaping with use of the intelligent fourier M2 neurological robot in patients with hemiparesis

The purpose of the study is to assess the effects of dynamic taping (DT) using a smart neurological robot Fourier M2 in patients after cerebral stroke with hemiparesis.

Functional assessment of the shoulder joint in volleyball players from different age groups

The aim of the paper was to perform functional analysis and assessment of the range of movement of the joints of the pectoral girdle in the dominant and non-dominant limb in volleyball players.

Assessment of overload changes in the lumbar spine of employees with sedentary nature of work

The objective of the study was to specify the lumbar spine overload changes in women and men working in a sitting position and to establish when the feeling of discomfort intensifies.

The effects of health resort treatment on hand function in female rheumatoid arthritis patients

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a systemic, chronic, immune-mediated disease of connective tissue. The disease mostly affects the hand joints, leading to weaker hand grip and functional limitations, which in many cases hinders everyday functioning and makes the patients dependent on the assistance of others.

Influence of body weight support via Parestand system on gait kinematic — a pilot study

Background. Many studies have recently confirmed the effectiveness of the Body Weight Support (BWS) Treadmill Training in healthy subjects and various clinical conditions. It is rarely practised method in Poland.

Eligibility of COPD patients for physiotherapy based on a six minute walk test and treadmill test

The aim of the paper was to assess the results of physiotherapy of COPD patients whose elgibility for the relevant rehabilitation model was assessed with the help of the 6-MWT test and the treadmill test according to the modified Bruce protocol.