The level of burnout among representatives of medical professions

Karolina Pasternak, Weronika Gallert-Kopyto, Małgorzata Domagalska-Szopa, Andrzej Szopa

K. Pasternak, W. Gallert-Kopyto, M. Domagalska-Szopa, A. Szopa – The level of burnout among representatives of medical professions. FP 2016;16(2);84-90


Aim of the study. Burnout is a phenomenon which affects many professions, which are based not only on disturbed man-labor relations, close interpersonal relationships, but first of all are based on specific approach to another human being, requiring patience, empathy and commitment. Despite many scientific studies there is no clear solution to the problem of burnout in medical professions, which is a problem underrated and extremely important, especially from the patient’s point of view.
Material and methods. Presented study was designed to determine the prevalence and the level of burnout among medical professionals: doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and midwives. Among 209 medical professionals, evaluation of the level of depersonalization, emotional exhaustion and a sense of their own achievements, using the original questionnaire: Burnout Questionnaire MBI (Maslach Burnout Inventory) by Ch. Maslach has been carried out.
Results. The results showed that the highest percentage of burn out in employees was noted among doctors and nurses. In addition, it was found that the severity of burnout cases among medical staff depends on the specific clinical department, age of the respondents and years worked in the profession.
Conclusions. Results of this study do not allow to definite unequivocal conclusions, however, these results are encouraging enough to continue studies in this field of study in a much wider population of representatives of various professional groups.

Key words:
burnout, medical professions, MBI questionnaire

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