Cryotherapy as Part of the Post-Stress Disorder Rehabilitation Complex

O.A. Panchenko, Zbigniew Śliwiński

O.A. Panchenko, Z. Śliwiński – Cryotherapy as Part of the Post-Stress Disorder Rehabilitation Complex. FP 2017; 17(4); 62-68


Aim. The aim of our investigation is to estimate cryotherapy and complex rehabilitating procedures effectiveness for the patients who suffer of some post stress disorders. The aim of psychotherapeutic treatment for PSD suffering patients is to relieve such patients from some traumatic event intrusive memories and following emotional pains. Every patient should have got possibility to be involved in present day social and economic activities.
Material and methods.
Research approaches and materials: the clinical and experimental psychological investigations have been conducted with 114 patients, who suffered of various post stress disorders on the basis of psychoneurological department of the State Institution “Scientific Practical Medical Rehabilitating Diagnostic Centre of the Ukrainian Health Ministry” Konstantinivka city, Donetsk region, Ukraine. The main (experimental) group consisted of post stress disorders suffering patients. This group consisted of 74 patients, who, along with corresponding medical treatment according to the clinical medical treatment protocol, attended course of general extreme air cryotherapy (GEACT). The control group consisted 70 patients.
The equipment to create extreme low temperature (beneath -100°С), was cryochamber “Cryo Therapy Chamber” Zimmer Midizin Systeme (Germany). It was possible to treat the patients both individually and in groups (3-4 persons). All the procedures were conducted according to O.A. Panchenko’s methodology. The patients had been selected according to inclusion-exclusion criteria. All the patients were volunteers, they were properly informed about extremely low temperature influences and about such medical investigation conditions.
Today, cryotherapy is widely spread in various fields of medical science. This methodology constant technical improvement and any side effects absence promote this methodology to be popular around the Globe. General extreme air cryotherapy is an ideal model of psychophysiological stress. As a result, patients’ psychophysiological and psychological conditions improvements have been observed.

Key words:
cryotherapy, post-stress disorders, rehabilitation complex

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