Functional testing in physiotherapy

Janusz Nowotny, Olga Nowotny-Czupryna, Krzysztof Czupryna

Janusz Nowotny, Olga Nowotny-Czupryna, Krzysztof Czupryna – Functional testing in physiotherapy. Fizjoterapia Polska 2009; 9(3); 245-257

Apart from clinical signs and symptoms, a trauma or disease will often give rise to a dysfunction that impairs the performance of activities of daily living. An optimal rehabilitation program should be based on a thorough understanding of the patienfs basie problems, including functional difficulties. This is madę possible not only by routine clinical examinations, but also by special tests and recently introduced functional evaluations using professional apparatus. The results of these examinations also enable evaluation of treatment progress. The aim of the paper was to review the issue of functional testing with respect to basie problems of disability and the planning and monitoring of rehabilitation. The consecutive parts of the paper discuss functional testing on the basis of examples of common postural and locomotor problems (impairments and limitations). Emphasis is placed on the need of objective examinations and possibilities for quantifying test results. Attention is also drawn to the ability to place various manifestations of disease within cause-and-effect chains and the necessity of appropriate interpretation of test results.
Key words:
handicaps, disabilities, functional evaluation, treatment planning
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