Submissions from 1 October 2022

Rules for submission to Polish Journal of Physiotherapy (submissions form 1 Feb 2022 and fees from issue 5/2022)
I. Submitting the manuscript

Sending the manuscript to the editor is equivalent to:

  1. A statement that the work has not been published in other journals.
  2. The statement that it has not yet been submitted to another Editor.
  3. The agreeing by all the authors for the publication in Polish Journal of Physiotherapy.
  4. A statement of all authors that they had full access to all the data in the study and take full responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of their analysis.
  5. A statement of all the authors that have permission of institutions managers to publish affilliation. All authors are required to submit a paper vaersion (to the address of the editor of Polish Journal of Physiotherapy) completed and signed statements (below).

STATEMENT FORM (English version)

Manuscripts should be sent in electronic form: – Email:

The technical requirements of the manuscript:
The manuscript should be submitted in the format: .doc, .docx or .rtf. Attached graphics in jpg, png (min. 300 dpi) or pdf.

NOTE: If you submit an electronic version of the manuscript by e-mail, you have to attach a scan of the statement forms.

II. The cost of preparing the manuscript

Polish Journal of Physiotherapy is a bilingual magazine. Manuscripts are published in Polish and English. Articles have a DOI numbers. For non-Polish authors the manuscripts could be send in English only. The cost of preparing a manuscript for publication:

  • up to 18 000 characters with spaces – 680 PLN (about 145 EUR, 165 USD)
  • 18 000-23 000 characters with spaces – 830 PLN (about 180 EUR, 205 USD)
  • over 23 000 characters with spaces – 980 PLN (about 215 EUR, 245 USD)
III. Manuscript
  1. Original articles should not exceed 15 pages, and case reports – 8 pages, including references, figures, tables, and abstracts (standard page – 1800 characters).
  2. Papers should be prepared in the format A-4 with double spacing behavior; the left side should be a margin of 2 cm, on the right margin of 3 cm.
  3. Proposals distinctions should be indicated in the text by bold type.
  4. The manuscript should not be sent suspended conjunctions move to the new rows.
  5. The first page should include:
    a. The title of the Polish language (or English/or both);
    b. The full name of the author (s) of article.
    c. At multicenter articles, please assign authors to the centers of origin;
    d. The full name of the unit (units), in which the study (the official version);
    e. The role of labor Authors literal diagram below:
    • A. The preparation of the research project;
    • B. The data collection;
    • C. The statistical analysis;
    • D. interpretation of data;
    • E. preparation of the manuscript;
    • F. development literature:
    • G. obtaining funds.


The corresponding author and the address to which the author wishes to receive correspondence (business or private) with the academic title, full name, phone number and e-mail address. It signifies consent to the publication name, surname and e-mail address (no other information will be published).

The key words – no more than 5 per language

On the second page should be described every possible conflict of interest and information about the sources of funding for the study (grant sponsor), aknowledgments, or name of the congress, where the work was announced, and the patient’s consent to the publication if is required.

Abstract and keywords

The manuscript must be accompanied by a summary (both in Polish and English, if the translation was madeby author or in one Polish or English). Summary of articles should contain up to 1500 characters with spaces (in one language), and should consist of four or five separate sections with the following titles:

  • Optional: introduction,
  • Aim,
  • Material and methods,
  • Results
  • Conclusions.

All abbreviations used in the text should be clarified.
Abstracts of illustrative and case reports should contain up to 1500 characters with spaces, and include the aim of the work and basic assumptions. Following the abstract should be placed no more than five keywords in one language.

Layout of the manuscript

The manuscript should contain separated parts:

  • Introduction,
  • Aim,
  • Material and methods,
  • Results of the research,
  • Discussion,
  • Applications,
  • References.

Tables, graphs and figures could be attached in other text or graphics files. Names of files should correspond to the description in the article (eg. Fig.1, table 2). Material and methods must clearly explain all the research methods used, which are included in the results. Should be given the names of statistical methods and software used to analyze the results.


If the tables are sent in separate image files, should be attached a list of tables in a separate text file (txt, doc, docx, rtf). Titles of tables and their contents should be made in the Polish language (in the English or both). All used tables of abbreviations should be explained in this file. If the tables are contained in a separate text file or a file of the manuscript, their names should be over the table, numbered in Arabic numerals, and all of the abbreviations should be explained below the table.


If the figures are sent in separate image files, should be attached a list of figures in a separate text file (doc, docx, rtf) with descriptions of the figures. Figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals. All abbreviations used in the figure should be describe in this file. If figures are included at the end of the file of the article, should be described in footnotes, there should also be used to explain it all shortcuts.

Abbreviations and symbols

Use only standard abbreviations and symbols. A full explanation of the concept or stands should precede of first use this shortcut in text, and also exist in the legend to each figure and table, in which it is used.


References should be arranged in the order mentioned in the text, tables, figures (references cited only in tables and figures the order shall be in accordance with the first link to the table or figure in the text). The number of works cited in the case of original works, should not exceed 40, and in case studies – 20 position. References should include only published works and not older than 10 years.

  1.  For references of articles from journals should include: – Name of the author with the initial name (with more than 4 number of authors report only the first three and the endorsement “et al.”) – Title of the work, – Abbreviation of the journal, – Year of publication, – The volume number (vintage) – And the page numbers on which begins and ends the article.
  2.  Descriptions of monographs (books) should include: – The name (s) of the author (s) with the initial name, – Title, – Optionally number of the next release, – The name of the publisher, – The place and year of publication;
  3.  With the collective work shall be given: – The name (s), editor (s) responsible given the title of the book and the abbreviation “(ed.),” And in the description of book chapters should include: author (s) chapter, chapter title, then after “[in],” the title of the whole, the author (s), editor (s) of the total, – Designation of part of publishing, – The name of the publisher, – The place and year of publication – Page numbers on which begins and ends the song.
  4.  Links to online publications are permitted only in the absence of adequate data in the literature published in print. Using of the electronic information sources will require a full web address and the date of use.
IV. Rights and duties of author (s)

If the authors do not specify otherwise at the time of submission, publisher acquires exclusive copyrights to publishing manuscript (including the right to publish in print, electronic media, CD and others and on the Internet). Without the consent of the Publisher shall be permitted only abstracts. Authors receive one copy of the magazine. For the above reason, the authors do not receive remuneration. Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication, and before printing author should make a payment resulting from the preparation of the manuscript, as from the table above on the following account:

Name: DJ Studio Dariusz Jasinski

Street: Bugaj 88 lok 48

Zip code: 95-200

City/Country: Pabianice, Poland


Bank account number (IBAN/BIC) in PLN: PL 55 1140 2004 0000 3902 7706 7792

Bank account number (IBAN/BIC) in USD: PL 02 1140 2004 0000 3112 1183 7574

Bank account number (IBAN/BIC) in EUR: PL 82 1140 2004 0000 3512 1382 8415

Bank address: mBank S.A. FORMERLY BRE BANK S.A. (RETAIL BANKING) LODZ, Skrytka pocztowa 2108, 90-959 Łódź 2

SORT CODE – 11402004

The content should include: Prepress – System No. {number given by the editorial}.

There is a possibility to pay by credit card – please contact here:

V Procedure of publication in Polish Journal of Physiotherapy

1. The work should be sent together with the statement of the authors (hard copy or scan). The work will be forwarded for review to two persons, randomly selected from the list of reviewers who are not in the same facility, as any of the authors, and do not know the names of the authors. Review can last no longer than 60 days.

2. The work receive the system number.

3. The opinion of the reviewer may contain the following information for the Editor:
a. Accept without revision
b. Accept with minor revision
c. Accept only with major revision
d. Reject

4. in the case of two evaluations ” Accept without revision” article is qualified to evaluate by the editor-in-Chief

5. in the case of the ” Accept with minor revision ” or ” Accept only with major revision ” the work will be sent back via email with information about the range of necessary corrections. After corrections the work will be qualified to evaluate by the editor-in-Chief.

6. in the case of one assessment “reject” work will be referred to the editor-in-Chief, who will determine if the work is rejected or should be corrected by author and after correction will be sent to one more reviewer to evaluate.

7. in the case of the two assessments of “reject” work is rejected, and the information shall be sent to the author via email.

8. Qualified work will be evaluate by the editor-in-Chief, who determines the final qualification of the work for Polish Journal of Physiotherapy.

9. Author will be inform about the decision of editor-in-chief by an email.

10. In order to further proceeding, the author is obliged to submit the hard copy of the Statement of Author.

11. The author will be obliged to pay of the amount referred to in point II of the Rules for Submission to Polish Journal of Physiotherapy.

12. After the editorial preparation of the work to print in Polish Journal of Physiotherapy, the author have to authorize the article.

13. After authorization work will be printed and publish in Polish Journal of Physiotherapy

14. First of the author will receive a author’s copy of the issue .


This Regulation applies to submission from September 23, 2022 and fees from issue 5/2022