Systematics of kinesitherapeutic methods

Mirosław Kokosz, Andrzej Zembaty, Edward Saulicz

Mirosław Kokosz, Andrzej Zembaty, Edward Saulicz – Systematics of kinesitherapeutic methods. Fizjoterapia Polska 2003; 3(3); 287-296


Kinesitherapeutic methods are in more and more frequent use by physiotherapists. The significance of treatment methods based on movement is indicated by, among other things, the popularity of various kinds of short courses and post-graduate training programs in this field. In the literature one can find many different treatment programs called „kinesitherapeutic”. However, given the fact that these methods have been popular for only a few decades, there has been to date no comprehensive systematization of this component of kinesitherapy. The present study describes the authors’ definition of treatment by movement and a classification of 47 kinesitherapeutic methods, using their theoretical foundations as the criterion for classification.

Key words:
history of movement therapy, kinesitherapy methodology, systematics
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