Physical activity in hemodialyzed patients of the hospital in Värnamo

Celina Łupińska

C. Łupińska – Physical activity in hemodialyzed patients of the hospital in Värnamo. Fizjoterapia Polska 2018; 18(2); 12-22


Introduction. Patients with kidney failure engage in less physical activity. This leads to reduced muscle strength, exercise tolerance, and hemodynamic activity of the heart and the cardiovascular system. Such patients also experience a decreased sense of well-being. Patients who are qualified for hemodialysis (HD) undergo treatment 3-5 times a week. Due to the lengthy nature of the procedure (each session takes about 3-5 hours), it can be a heavy burden for the patients.
Purpose. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the positive effects of regular physical activity in hemodialyzed patients.
Materials and methods. 23 adult patients (over 18 years old) were included in the study. Two patients did not give their consent to participate, and 8 were excluded due to comorbid conditions (infections, arrhythmia, fistula complications, lower extremity amputation), as they were unable to undergo all of the tests. The remaining 13 patients (57%) were tested for muscle strength, physical fitness, and balance. The tests were conducted before the start of a regular, individual physical training regimen and were administered before / during hemodialysis.
Results. In patients with chronic kidney failure who were undergoing regular hemodialysis at the time of the study, significant improvement in physical fitness (6 patients, 46%), lower extremity muscle strength (8 patients, 61%), upper extremity muscle strength (6 patients, 46%), and balance (4 patients, 31%) was observed after a six-month long physical training regimen, with training sessions of individually adjusted length and intensity conducted 3 times a week.
Conclusion. An improvement in physical fitness, lower and upper extremity muscle strength, and balance was observed in patients with kidney failure, who were treated regularly at the dialysis ward of the hospital in Värnamo (dialyzed at least 3 times a week), and who participated in a regular physical activity training before/during hemodialysis.

Key words:
kidney failure, hemodialysis, physical activity

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