Clinical neurophysiology and early post stroke neurorehabilitation

Ryszard Kinalski, Jan Talar

Ryszard Kinalski, Jan Talar – Clinical neurophysiology and early post stroke neurorehabilitation. Fizjoterapia Polska 2001; 1(1); 47-50

The interest of the neurorehabilitation of the stroke survivors have increased in the Brain Decade. The Helsinborg Declaration and the National Program of the Stroke Prevention and Treatment recommends to organize the stroke units and to start with the physiotherapy since the first day of hospitalization. The authors justifies the usefulness of the verification of the early post stroke rehabilitation effects on the basis of the instrumented tests, that image and quantify the neuromechanisms underlying the behaviour of the movement disorders, more accurately than the stroke scales. The heuristic possibility of the repetitive electrostimulation applicability in the early post stroke neurorehabilitation was discussed.

Key words:
clinical neurophysiology, neurorehabilitation, acute stroke

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