Safe physical effort for diabetic patients

Paulina Głowacka, Marcela Przyłudzka

Paulina Głowacka, Marcela Przyłudzka – Safe physical effort for diabetic patients. Fizjoterapia Polska 2018; 18(3); 86-93


Systematic undertaking of regular, competitive physical exercise is an important component of the treatment of diabetes. Good metabolic control of diabetes is a key element in the effectiveness of physical training and sports success. A person who is active in sports with type 1 diabetes requires very precise insulin dosing as well as extensive knowledge and the ability to interpret metabolic phenomena occurring in the body during physical training. Errors in insulin therapy increase the risk of acute complications of diabetes, hypoglycaemia, ketoacidosis and negatively affect sports performance.

Key words:
diabetes, professional sport, insulin – dosage, carbohydrate metabolism

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