Evaluation of chosen electrotherapy methods efficiency in lower spine diseases in aspect of lowering usage of painkillers

Sławomir Jarząb, Michał Kaczyński, Michał Guła,
Krzysztof Aleksandrowicz, Małgorzata Paprocka-Borowicz

S. Jarząb, M. Kaczyński, M. Guła, K. Aleksandrowicz, M. Paprocka-Borowicz – Evaluation of chosen electrotherapy methods efficiency in lower spine diseases in aspect of lowering usage of painkillers. FP 2014; 14(3); 12-21


Background. While aging, degenerative phase of spine and circular joints deepen, also traumatic diseases in movement system – it is all inseparably combined with pain. Alternatively to painkillers we can use methods such as electrotherapy. The purpose of the researches was to verify the efficiency of chosen methods in electrotherapy in field of fighting with pain in lower part of spine as well as to lower the amount of pharmacological painkillers that are taken.
Material and methods. The group that was researched was 74 patients (46 women and 28 men) suffering from lower part of spine disease. Each of these people had of three procedures of electrotherapy: TENS, Nemec currents, Bernard currents. There was an individual interview (questionnaire) contained basic information about the patient, diagnosis, information about painkillers taken and evaluation of pain ailment that was conducted 4 times. Individually for each patient there were chosen parameters allowing to evaluate the efficiency of the therapy in time period.
Results. The biggest group that stated long-term positive influence in overcoming pain (60.9%) was noticed in TENS group. The biggest group that stated positive temporary and immediate effect in overcoming pain (56%) was noticed in IF group, similarly like the most frequent positive subjective evaluation of the therapy (84%). Lowering the amount of medicines (painkillers) was noticed on similar level (50-60%) for therapy with interference current and TENS.
Conclusions. The most effective long-term method in therapy of treatment pain in the lower part of spine is TENS. The biggest effectiveness in immediate action and short-term in overcoming pain in spine lumber vertebra shows therapy with interference stream – that can be a reason to use it directly before kinesitherapy. Electrotherapy can and should be used as an alternative way for pharmacological painkillers.

Key words:
pain, spain, electrotherapy

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