Directions of physiotherapy in the scientific ranking of Polish academic universities

Jan Szczegielniak, Barbara Szaro, Marek Kiljański

J. Szczegielniak, B. Szaro, M. Kiljański – Kierunki fizjoterapii w rankingu naukowym polskich uczelni akademickich. FP 2014; 14(1); 68-73

The aim of the work was to show the directions of physiotherapy conducted at universities, included in the available rankings of universities, including those covering scientific activities (25 out of 440 private and state universities), taking into account both indexing of academic achievements of universities and the most cited articles in a given field.
Material and methods. Selected rankings of Polish academic universities (“Perspektywy”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Wprost”, “Polityka”, CSIC) were analyzed, including universities providing physiotherapy.
Conclusions. One should evaluate positively and distinguish all 25 universities covered by the analysis, conducting the field of physiotherapy. However, the results presented do not present a gradation of physiotherapy directions, but only approximate the forms of existing university rankings.

university ranking, physiotherapy, training of physiotherapists