Analiza urazów układu mięśniowo-więzadłowo-szkieletowego występujących u piłkarek ręcznych i postępowanie fizjoterapeutyczne

Sławomir Motylewski, Walenty Trandasir, Katarzyna Michalak, Elżbieta Poziomska-Piątkowska

S. Motylewski, W. Trandasir, K. Michalak, E. Poziomska-Piątkowska – Analysis of injuries of musculo-ligamentous-skeletal system occurring among handball players and physiotherapy treatment. Fizjoterapia Polska 2018; 18(2); 24-30


Introduction. Injuries in team games are an inseparable part of today’s sport. For every athlete it is connected with a decrease in exercise capacity, need for medical help and economic consequences. Professional rehabilitation of athletes, after a traumatic event, requires work with a physiotherapist with high skills and extensive experience and the use of modern physical therapy equipment. The lack of one of those factors can lead to further loss of health by the player, prolonged rehabilitation and thus delayed return to the game
Aim. The aim of the study was to assess the type and frequency of injuries occurring among professional female handball players and the type and methods of treatment used after the injury.
Material and methods. The studied group consisted of 19 women aged 18-31 years, playing handball for at least 5 years. All of the subjects played in the first team of Korona Handball Club in Kielce. In the study a diagnostic survey method was used.
Results. The study showed that 100% of players suffered from at least one injury connected to their professional sports activity. Most often the injury occurred while landing – 33.9%, fouls – 21.4% and throws – 19.6%. 12.5% (7) of the occurred traumas required surgery and the remaining 87.5% ended in conservative treatment. In spite of the fully recovery from the injury, a large proportion of the players – 68.4% were feeling discomfort after the resumption of training and during the matches.
Conclusions. The most common injuries of professional handball female players are sprains and dislocations of the lower limbs. Most athletes undergone conservative physiotherapy treatment including kinesiotherapy and wide range of physical therapy modalities.

Key words:
handball, sports injuries, physiotherapy

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