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Volume 12, 2012
Volume 11, 2011
Volume 10, 2010
Volume 9, 2009
Volume 8, 2008
Volume 7, 2007
Volume 6, 2006
Volume 5, 2005
Volume 4, 2004
Volume 3, 2003
Volume 2, 2002
Volume 1, 2001

The Polish Journal of Physiotherapy (PJP) is a peer-reviewed medical journal featuring scientific articles based on original research, special reports and review articles, and case studies associated with physiotherapy, broadly defined as non-invasive therapeutic intervention in diseases and injuries of various origin. The subject matter of the articles published in PJP thus takes in a wide range of issues associated not only with physical therapy and kinesitherapy, but also with the broadly conceived rehabilitation of patients with various kinds of orthopedic, traumatic, neurological, cardiological, gerontological, and other disorders.

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